Frequently Asked Questions?


Q: What Is ShtFly?


ShtFly is a top-rated URL shortener that not only provides a seamless experience in shortening long URLs but also pays you for every click made on your shortened links. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily shorten your links and share them on your website, blog, social media or anywhere else you want to.

Our powerful analytics tools enable you to track the performance of your shortened links, including the number of clicks, the location of the clicks, and other crucial data. With this information, you can optimize your links and boost your earnings.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest payouts in the industry, ensuring that you get the best return on your investment. Our payment rates are updated regularly to ensure that you always get the highest possible payout for your clicks.

With our advanced SEO optimization techniques, you can be assured that your shortened links will perform exceptionally well on search engines, giving you a significant edge over your competitors. Our robust infrastructure guarantees that your links will always be accessible, making ShtFly the most reliable URL shortener on the market.


Q: Benifits Of ShtFly?

A: Benifit of ShtFly, Boost Your Earning

✓ShtFly Referral Program Is A Great Way To Spread The Word Of This Great Service And To Earn Even More Money With Your Short Links! Refer Friends And Receive 20% Of Their Earnings For Life!

✓Control All Of The Features From The Administration Panel With A Click Of A Button.

✓Know Your Audience. Analyse In Detail What Brings You The Most Income And What Strategies You Should Adapt.

✓You Are Required To Earn Only $5.00 Before You Will Be Paid. We Can Pay All Users Via Their Prefered Payment Method.

✓Make The Most Out Of Your Traffic With Our Always Increasing Rates.

✓Shorten Links More Quickly With Easy To Use API And Bring Your Creative And Advanced Ideas To Life.


Q: How To Short A Link?

A: When On Home Page Or On Any Other Subpage You Will See Our Link Shortener Box. Simply Paste Or Type Your Long Link And Click “Shorten”. Now You Can Copy Your Short Link Or Shorten Another Link. All Your Links Are Available In “Statistics”

Note: Also You Can Short From Dashboard Shorten Box And Using Our Tools


Q: What Is Alias?

A: Alias Is A Optional Or Its Not Necessory And Alias Is Like “Nick Name” For Your Shorten Links For Exp: If You Type “Demo” As Alias Then Your Shorten Link Will Be "https://shtfly.com/d​​​emo"


Q: Can I Click My Own Links?

A: You May Click On Your Own Links Once To Test Them But You Are Not Credited For Those Views. You Cannot Click On Your Own Links To Generate Money.


Q: Why My Views Statics Earnings are not Counting?


Q: What Are The Payout Rates?

A: Rates Vary According To The Country The Traffic Is Originating From Amongst Other Factors. The Rates Per 1000 UNIQUE Clicks Can Be Found On Our Payout Rates Page. The Rest Of The Visits Are Credited Depending On How Well The Advertisers Are Willing To Pay For That Country.


Q: Why My Rates Are Less Than Defined Rate On Payout Rates Page?

A: Our Rates Are Completely Dynamic And May Vary From Users To Users Depending On Their Traffic Quality/Conversion. So, For Some Users Rates May Not Be Same As What You See On Payout Rates Page. For Further Information Please Contact Us.


Q: How Do I Get Paid?

A: We Have PayPal & Bitcoin Payment Method. To Request Payment Via PayPal $5, PayTm $5 and BTC - FaucetPay $5, Payeer $30 The Minimum Balance Of $5 Must Be Present In Your Account.

To Receive Payments, Your Account Details Must Be Filled In With The Correct Details. Apart From That, You Must Also Have An Account With Either Paypal Or Paytm.


Q: What Is a Reward Program?

A: Reward Program is Extra Income Source Means We Pay You Extra if You Promote our Site, You Can Promote our Site Through YouTube, Blogpost, Form Website, etc. (T & C Apply) For More Information Click Here


Q: Why Do You Payout Rates Vary From Time To Time?​

A: The Payout Rates Are Updated Daily And Are Set Depending On How Much Our Advertisers Are Willing To Pay For Your Traffic. Rest Assured That We Do Our Best To Keep Pushing To Get The Best Rates Possible For You.


Q: How Much Do You Pay For Each Country?

A: The Rates Per 1000 Unique Clicks Can Be Found In Our Payout Rates. The Rest Of The Visits Are Credited Depending On How Well The Advertisers Are Willing To Pay For That Particular Country.


Q: Why My Withdrawal Still Pending?

A: If Your Withdrawal Is Pending From The Last 4 Working Business Days Please Check Your Email Inbox, We Sent You An Email Regarding This. Sometime We Won’t Get Your Traffic Source And You Need To Send Us The Traffic Proof To Receive The Payment. If You Don’t Reply To Us With The Traffic Proofs, Your Payment Will Be On Hold And Showing You In Pending.

Sometimes We Take More Than 4 Working Business Days Due To Some Technical Issues. So In This Manner, You May Contact Us Or Drop A Email Address To Get An Update.


Q: Why My Withdrawal Canceled?

A: If We Cancel Your Withdrawal Request It Means Your Account Flagged For The Invalid Traffic. And The Revenue Generated By The Invalid Traffic Is Not Valid As A Result We Canceled Your Payment Request.


Q: Do ShtFly Charge Any Fee For Withdrawal?

A: Yes, We Charge A Transaction Fee And Conversation Fee For Each Transaction. Here Is The List Of Charges For Each Withdrawal Method, Please Check It Carefully.


If You Can't Find Your Answer From the Q&A Here, You Can Field The Contact Us From or Send us an Email At: [email protected]