Publisher Rates

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Note: Our payout rates are dynamic and depend on the advertising income that we receive. So sometimes the rates may increase/decrease for some countries without any prior notice.


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You Are Required To Earn Only $2.00 Before You Will Be Paid.

Please Note: That We May Also Offer Fixed CPM Offer's Only For YouTuber's And Content Downloader Sites From $3 to $12 Depending Upon Traffic Quality. (T&C Apply)

If You Are in Matching This Requirement Please Contact our Support Team or Email To Us At [email protected] As Soon As Possible.


Note: If You Are The Website Owner You Must Make Sure There Are No Invalid Traffic Sources Like We Just Outlined Above. If You Cannot Guarantee This, We Regret To Suspended Your Account. To Prevent Invalid Traffic You Can Use The Service At

We Hope You Will Respect Our Rules When Using Our URL Shortener Service.

Anyone Who Does Not Follow These instructions Will Have Their Account Suspended And Anyone Who Violates Our Instructions Will Have Their Account Deactivated Permanently And No Payment Will Be Made.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest payouts in the industry, ensuring that you get the best return on your investment. Our payment rates are updated regularly to ensure that you always get the highest possible payout for your clicks.